First Lip Piercing Tips

First Lip Piercing Tips

First Lip Piercing Tips

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Does it hurt?
I actually found my lip piercing to be one of the least painful piercings I’ve gotten. I hardly felt it at all (but everyone is different). Expect some pain, it is a piercing. But it is by far, one of the least painful in my opinion.

Does it scar badly? I pierced one myself, and got 2 professionally. Unfortunatley both DID scar. It looks like I have a piercing hole in my lip, but if I try to put a ring, it is closed in. Some things you can do to help REDUCE scarring, is (first) get it professionally done (which you are, good job). Also, I felt that if I had massaged my hole a bit more afterwards it would have made a difference (I have a little bubble of scar tissue on the inside). You cant do TOO much to avoid scarring, but I personally will be rubbing my empty piercing hole in attempts to try and reduce this.

Stud or Ring- I had rings, I preffered rings and found that there was less chance of skin to grow over, and much easier to clean, etc. Also, I live in a very cold area, so it got chapped and gross and when you have a ring on its harder to moisturize, but if that is not a concern, then I suggest ring.

Clean- if you dont get a solution from the piercing place, you NEED to clean it with UNIODIZED SEA SALT, and DISTILLED WATER, until the point where it tastes like tears. No more, no less. And you will have crusties, but that is normal. Its important to clean a few times every day.

Good luck! =) I love my lip ring, and I hope you will like yours too. Dont be too scared, its not bad at all, and SO worth it.

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